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What Are The Risks of Plastic Surgery?

If you’re considering undergoing either a plastic or cosmetic surgical procedure, you should dedicate ample time to weighing the benefits against the risks of the process. Before going under the knife, consult with your surgeon to find out the individual risks of your desired procedure. Be sure to explain your unique medical history to see if there are any risk factors you should be made aware of. Here, we have compiled a list of the most commonplace risks associated with any plastic surgery procedure.

1.   Loss of blood

While some procedures are non-invasive, invasive surgeries will involve blood. Limited blood loss is typical, but sometimes severe blood loss can occur due to surgical complications. Blood loss can be harmful or fatal, which is why experts recommend that anemics should stay away from invasive surgery.


2.  Physical discomfort

Even though anesthetics are often used during cosmetic procedures, you should still expect to experience some discomfort. The healing process can take days, weeks, or months after the original procedure, during which time you may feel irritation, pain, or discomfort. If this feeling persists past the time indicated by your surgeon, you should go back to consult with them.


3.  Viral Infections

Though rare, your body may get a viral infection after any surgical procedure. Undergoing an invasive procedure puts stress on the body, which weakens the immune system. This makes you more susceptible to viruses and infections. This can usually be healed through medication or healthy lifestyle changes.

4.  Permanent scars

Plastic surgeons are experts at performing surgeries without leaving a trace, but some, more complicated procedures will inevitably leave scarring. A talented surgeon will make incisions in inconspicuous spots on the body, such as a crease in your skin folds. However, the chance of scarring should still be taken into consideration when making decisions about plastic surgery.